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A Must-Have for New Homeowners
July 28, 2022 by
J. Wright Home Design, Jeremy Wright

Home offices are quickly becoming a must-have for J. Wright Home Design homebuyers! More and more of our clients are finding creative ways to enhance the comfort and ambiance of these spaces. Far from dull studies, our home offices range from sunny, light-filled rooms with elaborate shelving to corner nooks with a built-in desk and everything in between!

Let's look at some highlights that make our homeowners happy to work and learn from home.

Built-ins Galore!

Some homeowners prefer a sleek, stark, modern design with clean, simple office furnishings. However, many others welcome the idea of elaborate custom built-in shelves, cabinetry, drawers, and desks to keep them comfortable and organized while they work. One of the best benefits is that built-in shelves make an excellent backdrop for showing off books or favorite d├ęcor pieces during Zoom meetings!

We often create built-in desks or flat surfaces at different heights and depths to accommodate any working style. Homeowners can sit or stand, work with a single laptop, or host a full array of monitors on their desk. In addition, built-in drawers make it easy to organize and stash items away during off hours.

Another favorite built-in option for our home offices are window seats. Not only do they add a homey feel, but they also provides a cozy place to read or rest in natural light. Some families even use window seats to create a play area for young children to entertain themselves while mom or dad works.


Finding the Perfect Spot

In the past, it was popular to have the home office near the home's front entry. Our homeowners often want them there, as well, but we're also receiving more requests to add home offices in new, innovative locations.

Nowadays, homeowners enjoy having their office off the Great room and kitchen at the back of the home. This placement allows homeowners to be conveniently located close to primary living spaces yet provided with a separate, quiet area to be productive. The backs of our home designs often deliver the best exterior views, ideal for adding lots of windows and natural light to the home office!

Upstairs, loft areas or bonus-style rooms are popular for giving students a place to study. Basement offices provide an out-of-the-way escape from upstairs noise and traffic. Many adults like their workspaces separated from their primary living spaces by a "commute."

Our homeowners are not limiting their office spaces to entire rooms, however. Adding a nook near the kitchen and converting part of a large walk-in closet are popular options for integrating office space into living areas. Sometimes, a pull-down desk in the style of a Murphy bed will enable multiple uses for a room.

Shhh! I'm in a Meeting!

Our homebuyers love open-concept designs but often choose pocket doors to create separation while keeping spaces feeling open. Barn-style doors also keep wide doorways open when desired and provide a measure of privacy when closed. Traditional French doors will let light in, but they also work well at keeping disruptive household noises at bay.

Personalized Designs

Like each of our homes, each office we design is unique to the homebuyer and their preferences. Whether adjusting one of our existing home designs or creating a brand new design, we make living, working, studying and entertaining spaces that suite each homebuyer's wants and needs.

See more about our custom home offices by visiting our gallery. Contact us for more information on building a custom home with J. Wright Building Company.

J. Wright Home Design, Jeremy Wright July 28, 2022
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