Our Process

Initial Design Consultation

Our process starts with an initial design meeting with our clients. In this session we look at the home in its entirety, moving through each space to gain understanding of their purpose and style.

We establish goals in style, size, timing, budget, and how to best utilize and place the home within its natural surroundings.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

From Goals to Proposal

Once goals are defined, J. Wright Home Design will submit a proposal outlining the scope of work for the project. The proposal outlines the responsibilities of the designer, fees, and time frame.

Upon agreement, a formal Design Agreement will be entered.

Design Development

The design process begins once a retainer has been submitted. Then the preliminary design concept phase, design development, and then final construction drawings.

Other services may include specifications, budget estimates, materials list, interior design, and art work.

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