Why We Love Open-Concept Home Designs

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May 22, 2022 by
J. Wright Home Design, Jeremy Wright

Over the years, we have seen many floorpan trends come and go. And we have to say: the open-concept floor plan design trend is one we expect to stick around for a while! So here are some reasons we - and the families we design for - are in love with this layout!

Delivers Breathtaking Style

Open-concept home designs often come with tall windows and vaulted ceilings. Combined with large spaces and an absence of walls, gourmet kitchens, dining, and living areas offer stunning spaces and airiness. Open-concept areas show your unique style when accented by fireplaces, kitchen islands, and dramatic lighting!

Invites the Outside In

Open living areas enlarge a home's space, and windows extend it even more! Tall windows create a living backdrop that changes with the seasons and the time of day. We often include open-concept primary living areas to capture the best exterior views. The windows flood the space with natural light, which is terrific for everyday living.

We also love to incorporate beautiful glass doors! When the weather is nice and outdoor entertaining is in order, this feature helps the interior and exterior spaces seamlessly flow together.

Encourages Family Togetherness

Open floor plans bring different activities into one area. For example, parents can prepare dinner while children finish homework at the kitchen island, play a game at the dining table, or relax on the sofa while catching up with their favorite show. Everyone is nearby to lend a hand, catch up with each other, and simply be together!

Easy Entertaining

Traffic flow for guests is never a problem in an open-concept home. Preparation, dining, and conversation can occur in the same space. Hosts are always part of the party, even while preparing food, pouring drinks, or cleaning up. In addition, many open-concept plans provide access to outdoor areas!

Complex Design

Believe it or not, it's true. And our designers love a challenge.

Families appreciate spaces that feel distinct for different activities while also connected. Therefore, we take care to introduce architectural elements that will make it so.

With several people occupying the same living area at the same time every day, it's important to have room to come and go without bumping into each other. Similarly, the food preparation space should be as comfortable and efficient as it isoprene. our floor plan designs thoughtfully consider the ways people move through areas of their homes to maximize their livability.

Perhaps the best thing about open-concept home design is how families make them their own. We are constantly surprised by the creativity families bring to our open-concept plans!

Browse our available open-conept home plans or design the perfect home for your family by contacting us online.

J. Wright Home Design, Jeremy Wright May 22, 2022
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