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October 12, 2021 by
J. Wright Home Design, Jeremy Wright

J. Wright Home Design is a pro when it comes to creating the perfect modern farmhouse plan. modern farmhouse is a newer take on the classic farmhouse style adding smoother lines, glossier finishes and more monochrome color schemes. It's a fresh take on the country-inspired living style and incorporates warmth, simplicity and natural textures like wood or steel.

The trend came into its own in 2020 and it seems it will be popular for some time to come. Clean lines and a sleep aesthetic have been a go-to interior choice for many, but with current times, adding a touch of comfort and coziness is the way to go.

Why Are Modern Farmhouses So Popular?

Modern farmhouses are so popular because they give a sense of practicality and comfort. With sleeker lines and more neutral colors, the style is versatile and is easily interchangeable throughout the year. The farmhouse style generally gives off a comforting feeling due to the nostalgia behind it. While the farmhouse design of today isn't something we recall, it offers an ideal mix of modern and traditional to create a sense of ease.

With home design trends changing almost daily, it's imperative to rely on a style that goes with anything. The practicality behind the modern farmhouse style is that it is easily swappable. The modern farmhouse is known for being more minimalistic in color and design, which allows it to work with a variety of interior design styles and colors.

Mix of Modern and Rustic

Natural Elements

In most modern farmhouses, you will typically find a blend of natural materials that have been salvaged or recycled. Some great ideas for use of natural materials can be exposed wood beams, barn wood doors, wide wood floor planking and accents in wrought iron, specifically for stair railings.

The key to adding natural elements into a modern farmhouse is that no one should feel as though they can't touch anything or sit down and relax. Another great way to incorporate natural elements is by choosing the right paint color to accent the natural elements. Choosing a neutral paint palette will make any room appear larger than it is. A popular neutral color palette in modern farmhouse design includes shades of gray, white and black. These colors are known for balancing natural elements and textures.

Large Windows

Incorporating large windows in the modern farmhouse is a great way to enhance the beauty of the neutral tones that are chosen to decorate a home. Big windows bring in more natural light and make it seem as if the outdoors are closer than they are. A design plus is incorporating popular outdoor living features or creating indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Open Kitchens

A genuinely authentic modern farmhouse kitchen consists of a gathering area at the ready. Including an oversized kitchen island directly in the center is a sure way to make people feel welcomed into the space. It's a great way to have company over and stay connected while cooking or hosting family baking events around the holidays. 

The backsplash has also made a comeback in creating a subtle statement. A popular backsplash for the modern farmhouse kitchen is white subway tile. You can place it in the staggered horizontal pattern or create a design like a herringbone, chevron or vertical. For even more impact, a colored gray or black grout can be used.

Another popular feature in a modern farmhouse kitchen is the rebirth of a farmhouse sink. These sinks are beneficial in multiple ways. They offer a deep basin which makes them very efficient when soaking or washing large pots and pans. They are also versatile, available in different sizes, double or single basins, and a multitude of different materials to fit every design scheme and style.

Unique Features

An easy way to incorporate different elements into a modern farmhouse home is through the lighting choices. Large pendants and barn-style lighting are great options. The modern farmhouse home will have pendant lights made from materials like metals, wood and glass. It is an easy way to add extra natural elements to the home and brighten up any space.

Expansive Covered Porches

As mentioned earlier, outdoor living is a crucial element of the modern farmhouse design. An expansive covered porch is a great place to have small gatherings with family and friend or enjoy the beautiful weather during summer and fall. including a screened-in portion will make it more bearable with bugs throughout the warmer months.

To learn more about our available home plans or to design a modern farmhouse of your dreams, contact us online.

J. Wright Home Design, Jeremy Wright October 12, 2021
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